March 20

5 reasons why you should go to seoul



        There are 5 reasons why you should  go to soul.

  1. Seoul is a fantastic place for kids! There are a lot of kids cafe's. In Lotte world mall there is super wings, kidzana, champions, pororo world and a bunch more.There are a lot of amusement parks too like Lotte world, Seoul land, and Everland.

2. Seoul is full of nature!There are mountains you could hike on, a beautiful view of the river(han gang), and a lot of parks.

3. Museums. Seoul has a lot of museums. art museums, science museums, and more. science museums are fun and interesting, and the art museums there are amazing.

4. shop, shop, and shop! Even if you shop two or three hours a day there's more to buy! There's clothes, shoes, and hair bands just to name a few. Buy these amazing stuff and transform yourself into a glamorous movie star from head to toe.

5. Food. wherever you look there's food. japchae, kimbab, korean pancakes and more. yum! There's all kind of food the list could go on and on!  Sweet, sour, bitter, hot, and cold.

So if you're looking for a place to visit you should go to Seoul, South Korea.🇰🇷


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